Faculty of Engineering Faculty of Science MIEG CUHK

Bachelor of Science in Mathematics & Information Engineering (MIEG)


For students who have not yet entered CUHK:

Admission to MIEG programme occurs after you have completed one year of studies at CUHK, either in the Faculty of Engineering or under the Enrichment mathematics programme under the broad-based admission scheme of the Faculty of Science.

For entry requirements into either of these programmes please refer to:

  1. Faculty of Engineering entrance requirements
  2. Enrichment mathematics (JUPAS code: JS4682) entrance requirements

For students who are already in their first year of study at CUHK:

  1. Applicants from the Faculty of Engineering: In the major allocation process, which occurs at the end of your first year, please select MIEG as your first choice. The admission to the programme will then be determined under the prevalent rules of the major allocation process.
    Note: We (only) encourage students with strong performance in Mathematics and Science courses in their first year to apply for this programme.
  2. New Arrangements in Major Allocation Scheme for MIEG:

    Unless your performance is truly exceptional in the first year (as determined by the programe director), you will be given a provisional admission into the MIEG programme when major allocation results are announced. Those with provisional admission status should follow the MIEG curriculum in Term 3. The students who attain a grade of B- or above in both MATH 1050 and ENGG 2440 will be eligible for transfer as a full MIEG student at the end of Term 4. If you have attained this standard, then you can continue to follow the MIEG curriculum.

    ** Remark: This change is policy is due to the fact that MIEG is a very mathematically demanding program and wants to train the best students for a research career in computer and information sciences or in mathematics.

  3. Applicants from the Enrichment Mathematics stream: For administrative reasons, your applications will be treated as a change of major. However, you will be given priority in your application for change of major.
  4. Other applicants: You need to apply for transfer of major.

Transfer of major to MIEG

Students who wish to change their major to the Programme of Mathematics and Information Engineering should submit their application for change of major under CUSIS (select "Program Change"). Please refer to the announcement on the website of the Registration and Examination Section around April to June for the exact schedule of declaration.

Special instruction for broad-based students with no major assigned yet:

  1. Request application form from RES at the counter or by email;
  2. Send the completed form along with a copy of unofficial transcript to moon@ie.cuhk.edu.hk by 28 June 2018.

The performance in Engineering, Mathematics, and Science courses will be taken into consideration to determine their eligibility to transfer to MIEG.

General Requirements from the RES:

Students applied for change of major should satisfy at least one of the following minimum conditions:

  • Attained a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or above in the current academic year;
  • Taken course(s) at least 6 units with an average grade of not less than B- that would count towards the major requirements of the programme;
  • His/her admission WGPA score (e.g. HKDSE) should be better than the student at the lowest decile who had been successfully admitted to our Programme in the same year that s/he was first admitted to the University.

Students are welcome to approach the Programme Director for information about course selection.